Snowboard Design

Mockup of both board designs

I really enjoyed this design. I wanted to create an interesting illustration to round out my portfolio. Rather than just creating a flat illustration I decided to do something more interesting and create the design on a snowboard. I also decided to make a mini series of snowboards. They would each have their own design, but be a similar style and subject so they are recognizable as a series.

I wanted to try and create a transition from realism to very geometric within each design. The animals would be the foca point and be done in a geometric style. The backdrop would trasition upward from graphic to realistic with the sky and moon being the most realistic.

As snowboards are double sided I also needed to create a design for the backside. I decided to keep the back simple give the designs a name.

Photo of sketches
Mockup of layout pages
Photo of working on layout design
Photo of working on layout design